Jan 2016 25


What happens if we choose to treat Whiteness like the bully from your 5th grade school year? Instead of doing what is dictated, what if we outsmart the bully, making Whiteness respect our mind, body and spirit?

Jan 2016 18


Please support, The Day After MLK and walk with us into the future of change.

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Jan 2016 18


Black. But I like melanated better.

I am melanated, and more hated, because I did and still do, resemble that pitch of coal, which begets brilliance from burden.

Jan 2016 10


The Social Arts Academy will be hosting town hall meetings discussing the highly anticipated Social Arts Academy coming to NYC all this week.

Please join the conversation.


Bloomingdale Library 150 West 100th Street (between Columbus and Amsterdam) New York, NY 10025


January 11th @ 6-7

January 14th @ 6-7

January 15th @ 4-5

January 16th @ 12-1

Jul 2015 29



“I plan to keep Zook and his passion, love and drive alive. Even though our time together was short, it was impactful and left me changed forever. The work we created together will forever live as a testament of devotion.”

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