Feb 2015 26


I was truly hurt by the outcome of the George Zimmerman verdict. I couldn’t believe how the media covered it. I couldn’t believe the way it divided a lot of the country. I also felt that there was media propagated tactics taken to paint the picture that a young, African American man in a hoodie should be considered a hoodlum. It highlighted that even at that time, February of 2012, America still carries an unsubstantial value on the life its African American people.

Sep 2014 12

FTS (17) (Large)

‘From the Sky’ is the award-winning debut from writer/director Ian Ebright. The narrative short is the story about a humble father and his troubled son struggling to cope with the effect of drones in the Middle East. Read more

Jul 2014 24

Follow the journey of a broken heart and the quest its owner takes to win her body back.
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Jun 2014 30

Reflections Page Image 

In this short film from the Imagination Series, sponsored by Bombay Sapphire, Anthony Khaseria give us an interesting look at ourselves, with a mirror that shows us our mistakes and flaws…

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