Aug 2016 18


We got a chance to meet up with Delance Minefee and Dave Droxler, who co-star in the New York Fridge comedic play, Walken on Sunshine!  The show is stirring up a lot of buzz throughout the festival, so we figured we’d give you an exclusive interview and convince you to go see it!

Mar 2016 07
Created by Mike Z.

Created by Mike Z.

This is my first piece of writing on the subject of my identity

within the structure of the world: It is about me,

I write from a place where my heart and brain convene

and it is for everyone. Anyone.

but really

it is for us white folks.

Feb 2016 10


Mr. Hawkins began writing as in outlet at age 11 after his mother unexpectedly died due to health complications. He writes in hopes to inspire, enlighten and entertain.

Enjoy his poem – “Upward Bound”

Feb 2016 07
Janis Joplin by Alan Mclaughlin

“Happiness”, by Alan Mclaughlin

Born and Raised in Northern NJ, moved to North East Pennsylvania for college and never left.

Graphic Designer at eBay Enterprise by Day. 

Painter by Night.